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Rocket Lawyer
Save 25%
Rocket Lawyer
Save 25% on legal help for your business*

Live confidently™ with documents, attorney advice & more. Join the 25million+ businesses, families, and individuals who've relied on Rocket Lawyer.
Free for 7 days, then save 25% on premium membership, you’ll get:
-Full access to all 1000+ legal documents
-Attorney Services:
-On-going Q&A
-Document Review
-Phone consults on each new issue
-Deep discounts for extensive attorney services. (Up to 40% off*)
-Dispute protection on contracts with Document Defense®
-Unlimited digital signatures with RocketSign®
-Free Incorporation
Start your free trial today; to redeem this offer, go to Rocket Lawyer, or call 1-877-881-0947, and use your Visa® card and your discount will automatically apply at checkout.

* Terms apply
  • 25% off Premium Membership valid for new Rocket Lawyer membersonly.
  • Free incorporation for new Rocket Lawyer members only and excludesstate fees.
  • Hired lawyer must be part of Rocket Lawyer’s nationwide network toreceive discounted fees.
  • Rocket Lawyer is solely responsible for this offer.
  • Valid in the US only.
  • Void where prohibited or restricted by law.
  • Offer valid from 01-12-2022 – 12-31-2023.

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