How Have Our Terms and Conditions Changed?

  • The Visa SavingsEdge Terms and Conditions have been updated to include Instant Savings, which is a discount that is applied using a promotion code at a Merchant’s website during the checkout process.
  • Instant Savings are only available for use through the offer expiration date.
  • Each Instant Savings offer may be subject to additional terms and conditions specific to the Instant Savings offer and may be subject to availability.

Visa SavingsEdge® Terms and Conditions

Visa SavingsEdge is a discount program ("Program") offered by Visa U.S.A. Inc. ("Visa" "we" and "us") to each eligible corporation, limited liability company, partnership and sole proprietor ("Business") that holds an eligible Visa Business Card or Commercial Prepaid Card issued by an Issuer participating in the Program (each a "Visa Business Card" and "Card") whose enrollment in the Program is accepted by Visa.

These terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions") apply both to the Business and each individual who uses a Card through the Business ("Cardholder" and "you"). Each Cardholder must also be authorized to use the Visa Business Card by the financial institution issuing such Card ("Issuer") pursuant to the payment card agreement ("Card Agreement") between the Business and the Issuer. The Business shall be jointly and severally responsible for any use of Cards and participation in the Program by Cardholders. By participating in the Program, the Business and each Cardholder agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions as applicable to each as provided herein.

Each Cardholder must sign up and be accepted by Visa as a participant in the Program in order to be eligible for discounts. Alternatively, the Business can directly enroll Cardholders and Cards in the Program. Under the Program, Cardholders will receive discounts from merchants participating in the Program ("Merchant") each time such Cardholder uses an eligible Visa Business Card that is enrolled in the Program to make a purchase that meets the terms and conditions of an offer (each a "Discount Offer") including, in some cases, the requirement to enter a promotion code to your cart prior to checking out) and that transaction is processed or submitted through the Visa payment system (each a "Qualifying Purchase" as more fully described below). The Card Agreement will continue to govern use of the Visa Business Card(s) by the Business and Cardholders. In the event of a conflict between the Card Agreement and these Terms and Conditions, the Card Agreement will govern except that these Terms and Conditions will govern and control with respect to all matters relating to the Program. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California without reference to its conflict of laws provisions. The Business and each Cardholder agree that any dispute arising from or in connection with these Terms and Conditions and/or the Program shall be resolved exclusively in the state and federal courts residing in San Francisco County, California.

Changes to the Program

We have the right to modify, restrict, limit, or change the Program in any way and at any time. Changes may include but are not limited to: changing the participating Merchants; changing the specific details requirements or qualifications of a Discount Offer; adding or removing Discount Offers; changing the duration of any Discount Offer; and changing these Terms and Conditions. We will notify the Business and Cardholders of material changes to the Program and/or to these Terms and Conditions by notice provided on the program website at (the "Program Website") and you should check the Program Website from time to time for such changes. We also reserve the right at any time to suspend or cancel the Program. We also reserve the right to suspend or cancel any Business' and/or Cardholder's enrollment in the Program without notice unless required by applicable law including without limitation where we believe you are abusing or wrongfully using the Program. Merchants may also suspend or cancel the ability of Business and/or any Cardholder to qualify for a discount for any transaction at that Merchant without notice unless required by applicable law.


Businesses and authorized Cardholders in the United States that hold an eligible Visa Business Card and are in good standing are eligible to apply for enrollment in the Program. We reserve the right to determine in our sole discretion whether any Business or Cardholder may enroll in the Program.


To participate in the Program, you must be authorized by the Business to enroll your eligible Card in the Program and accept these Terms and Conditions on behalf of yourself and the Business. Moreover, the Business must: (a) be party to a valid Card Agreement; (b) be approved by Visa to enroll or authorize enrollment of one or more Visa Business Cards in the Program; (c) control Cardholder access to Visa Business Cards; and (d) agree to these Terms and Conditions. With respect to Businesses, by checking the applicable agreement box, the signatory represents that they are an authorized signatory for the Business under the Card Agreement and that the Business agrees to these Terms and Conditions. With respect to Cardholders, by checking the applicable agreement box, you represent that you are authorized to enroll the Card in the Program and that you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

In order to enroll Visa Business Cards in the Program, the Business and/or Cardholder must follow the instructions on the Program Website. Each Visa Business Card number must be enrolled separately and will be treated as a separate account, even if two or more Visa Business Card numbers are associated with the same credit, checking, or other underlying account. If there are multiple Visa Business Cards with the same card number, that Visa Business Card number may only be enrolled once. By enrolling a Visa Business Card number or permitting a Visa Business Card to be enrolled, the Business represents that the individual enrolling that number is authorized to enroll all of the Visa Business Cards with that number. There is no cost to the Business to enroll a Visa Business Card in the Program or for Cardholders to use Cards to participate in the Program.

While enrolling in the Program on the Program Website, the Business and/or each Cardholder will be required to provide an email address and select a password that must be entered in order to access the Program Website. The Business and/or Cardholder as applicable will receive a confirmation message at time of enrollment if Visa approves enrollment of the Visa Business Card(s) in the Program. The Business is responsible for ensuring and protecting the security of passwords and for any activity conducted at the Program Website through its email addresses and associated passwords.

For some Discount Offers, referred to as “Instant Savings,” you must click on the applicable ”get discount” (or similarly labeled) link and enter a promotion code prior to making a purchase to receive the discount at a Merchant’s website.

Qualifying Purchase

The enrolled Business and/or participating Cardholders will receive a discount at Merchants: 1) which either will require a Cardholder to use a promotion code at checkout for Instant Savings or 2) for Everyday Savings, only Qualifying Purchases that are in full compliance with the terms of the applicable Discount Offer as shown on the Program Website. A "Qualifying Purchase" is further defined as any signature-based purchase, Internet purchase, phone purchase, or mail order purchase; bill payment; contactless purchase (a purchase made by holding your Visa card or other device up to a secure reader instead of swiping your card); or small dollar purchase for which you are not required to sign, made with an enrolled Visa Business Card which is processed or submitted through the Visa U.S.A. Inc. payment system. Do not use a Personal Identification Number (PIN) when paying for your purchases with your enrolled Visa Business Card if you want to receive a Merchant discount for such purchase. PIN-based purchases, purchases you initiate through identification technology that substitutes for a PIN, Interlink-processed transactions, payments made for pre-paid and re-loadable cards such as certain gift cards, Visa Buxx, and similar cards; payments made for payment instruments that can readily be converted to cash (for example, traveler’s checks, money orders, wire transfers, and similar products or services); or transactions that are not processed or submitted through the Visa U.S.A. Inc. payment system are not Qualifying Purchases. We reserve the right to determine in our sole discretion whether a Visa Business Card transaction is a Qualifying Purchase.

Discount Offers

Each Discount Offer will be subject to additional terms and conditions specific to the Discount Offer. These terms and conditions may address such matters as the level of discount for the Discount Offer; the expiration date of the Discount Offer, the purchase, or other requirements; limitations; the requirement to apply a promotion code to receive the Discount Offer; or restrictions associated with the Discount Offer. You cannot qualify for a Discount Offer once the Discount Offer is removed from the Program. Participating Merchants may offer discounts on purchases of goods or services at their physical locations in the United States on their websites or by telephone or mail orders. The details, terms, and conditions applicable to such Discount Offer are determined by us and the Merchant in our respective sole discretions. Please refer to the Program Website for additional Discount Offer terms and conditions and Program information.

Discount Offers may be subject to availability. Discount Offers are also subject to any applicable law or regulation that may restrict or prohibit certain sales, including, without limitation, the sale of goods and services in certain restricted categories. Businesses, Cardholders, and the applicable Merchant are each responsible for compliance with all laws related to the Discount Offer, including the payment and collection of any federal state or local taxes.

Statement Credits

Once a Visa Business Card is enrolled in the Program, the discount the Business or Cardholder receives on the Everyday Savings offers from a Qualifying Purchase will be automatically credited to the applicable participating Visa Business Card account. The Everyday Savings Offer credit will not appear on the receipt at the Merchant's point of sale. An Everyday Savings Offer credit will be posted to the applicable Card statement for each Qualifying Purchase but may be posted on a Card statement following the Card statement on which the related Qualifying Purchase is posted. A posted Everyday Savings Offer credit may be reversed in Visa's sole discretion for any returns, adjustments, or chargebacks relating to a Qualifying Purchase. The reversal of any Everyday Savings Offer credit will appear on a future Card statement.

Instant Savings offers will require Cardholders to enter a promotion code prior to making a purchase in order to receive the Discount Offer when checking out on the Merchant’s website.

You are not eligible to receive any Discount Offers and/or statement credits while your Visa Business Card account is not in good standing. Any transactions entered into by the Business or a Cardholder during such time will not be deemed a Qualifying Purchase and forfeited from Program eligibility.

Communications with Program Participants

The Program Website will present information regarding current Discount Offers at the Merchant Discount Offer web page. By using the Program Website, we may make electronic communications to you, including through emails and/or postings to the Program Website (and mobile-based communications such as SMS messages if you opted- in to receive such mobile-based communications). All electronic communications from us to you shall be deemed to be communications "in writing" and deemed delivered to you no later than the earlier of the date actually received or five days from the date of posting or dissemination.

By enrolling a Visa Business Credit and Check Card in the Program, you agree to advise us of any changes in the email address(es) for the Business and/or Cardholders by updating the Business' Program profile on the Program Website. If you would like to retain a copy of these Terms and Conditions, please print a paper copy.

You may elect to receive information of a promotional nature about the Program via email by so indicating on the Business profile on the Program website or in connection with Program enrollment. If you elect to receive such promotional information, we may, from time to time, send you promotional emails containing selected Discount Offers or other offers from select Issuers and Merchants to the respective email address(es). If you would like to change your election to receive these promotions at any time, please visit the Program Website to update the Business' Program profile or use the unsubscribe link or address contained within each promotional email.

In addition, you may elect to receive mobile-based communications (such as SMS messaging) related to your Program account and/or promotional messages by so indicating on the Business' Program profile or in connection with Program enrollment. Although mobile-based messaging features are not yet available, we plan to make these convenient features available in the future. If and when they are available, we will send mobile-based messaging (Program-related and/or promotional in nature depending on the election) directly to the mobile telephone number(s) you provide in connection with your election. To receive these mobile-based communications, you must maintain at your own cost a mobile telephone capable of sending and receiving text messages. Standard text message rates apply to each text message sent and received in connection with this feature. Please see your wireless provider for pricing plan details. If you would like to change your election to receive these mobile-based communications at any time, please visit the Program Website to update the Business' Program profile or follow the unsubscribe information contained in each mobile-based message. Please allow sufficient time for us to process your request.

Canceling Program Participation

You may cancel your participation in the Program at any time by visiting the Program Website. A Business may also cancel the participation of any Cardholder within its organization in the Program at any time by visiting the Program Website. Revoked statement credits based on returns adjustments or chargebacks with respect to a Qualifying Purchase made on an enrolled Visa Business Card may be completed in Visa's sole discretion after the cancellation of the Business' enrollment or a Cardholder's participation in the Program. If a Business or Cardholder closes the Visa Business Card enrolled in the Program, the Cardholder and the Visa Business Card will be automatically removed from the Program as well.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards

If a Visa Business Card enrolled in the Program is lost, stolen, or damaged, first call the Issuer at the telephone number provided in the Card Agreement to request a replacement Card from the Issuer. Please be aware that the replacement card may have a different Card number. You will be eligible for the Discount Offers even if an enrolled Visa Business Card is lost, stolen, or damaged. However, you will have to enroll the replacement Visa Business Card on the Program Website if the new replacement Card is issued by the Issuer with a different Card number. In such case, the previously enrolled Card will be removed from the Program. However, Qualifying Purchases made through unauthorized purchases from a lost or stolen Card or Card number will not be eligible for any discounts under the Program.

Customer Service

If you have questions regarding Program features and/or would like information about Merchant offers, please visit the "Frequently Asked Questions" page and the Merchant Offer Description web page on the Program Website.

If you encounter problems while applying to enroll your Visa Business Card(s) in the Program and/or while updating the Business' Program profile on the Program Website, please contact Visa Customer Care at 1-888-466-9227.

If you have any questions regarding any Qualifying Purchases, Discount Offers, and/or statement credits related to the Program, please contact Visa Customer Care at 1-888-466-9227 for investigation and/or referral to the Issuer as appropriate.

If you have any other questions regarding your Visa Business Card, please contact the customer service representative at the Issuer. The Issuer's contact information may be on the back of the Visa Business Card or in the Card Agreement.

Disclaimers and Limitations

Visa is not responsible for resolving any questions or disputes regarding Discount Offers, the crediting of a Discount Offer to your Card account, or the handling of returns, disputes, and chargebacks with respect to a Qualifying Purchase. Without limiting the previous sentence, all questions and disputes are subject to the Card Agreement, and except as specifically set forth above under "Customer Service," must be directed to the Issuer for resolution. Any required arbitration or other dispute resolution process provided for in the Card Agreement shall apply to your participation in the Program.

Visa is not responsible for the products or services purchased through Qualifying Purchases. You may be subject to additional terms and conditions, warranties, or other requirements of the Merchant and the product's manufacturer or the service provider. Visa disclaims all representations or warranties express or implied, including, without limitation, those regarding quality, suitability, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or otherwise with respect to the Program, Discount Offers, and any goods or services sold by Merchants in connection with the Program.

In no event shall Visa; its affiliates; or any of its directors, officers, employees, agents or subcontractors (collectively "Visa Parties") be liable under any theory of tort contract strict liability or other legal theory for lost profits; lost revenues; lost business opportunities; or exemplary, punitive, special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages, each of which is hereby excluded by agreement of the parties, regardless of whether such damages were foreseeable or whether any party or any entity has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Visa Parties are not liable for any injury; damage; or loss to person or property; or any expense, accident, or inconvenience that may arise from your participation to the Program or the use of products or services purchased through Qualifying Purchases.

Visa Parties are not responsible for any error, malfunction, or problem of any kind, whether human, mechanical, typographical printing, network or electronic, relating to or in connection with this Program, including, without limitation, errors, malfunctions, or problems which may occur in connection with the administration of the Program; the processing of Qualifying Purchases; and/or discounts or the presentation of Discount Offers. Persons found tampering with or abusing any aspect of the Program as solely determined by Visa will be removed from the Program and all associated Qualifying Purchases and/or discounts will be cancelled and voided.

The Business and each Cardholder jointly and severally agree to indemnify and hold the Visa Parties harmless from and against all losses, liabilities, damages, and expenses resulting from or arising out of the Business' enrollment and the participation of any Cardholder in the Program including, without limitation, any damage relating to the use of products and services acquired though Qualifying Purchases.

By enrolling in the Program, the Business and each Cardholder hereby release Visa Parties from any claim, liability, or damage relating to the Program or the use of any Discount Offers. The Program and/or any Discount Offers under the Program are void where prohibited by applicable law. Notwithstanding anything in these Terms and Conditions to the contrary, Visa and all providers of services to the Program shall have no liability to the Business or any Cardholder in connection with the Program.


All information collected about the Business and Cardholders using the Program Website is subject to the Privacy Policy which can be found at

Visa may share aggregated information about ineligible cards submitted for enrollment in the Program with the Issuers of such cards; provided, however, that the information shared will not personally identify any cardholder.

As a part of the Program transaction, information will be shared between Merchants Issuers and Visa (and/or their respective service providers) in order to process your statement credits and to generally make the Program available to you. In addition, certain information about your clickstream activity and additional transaction information may be shared between the Merchant, your Issuer, and Visa on either an aggregate (non-personally identifiable) or a personally identifiable basis and such information will be subject to each party's respective privacy policies and practices.

Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association.