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Auto Parts & Fuel

Auto Parts & Fuel

Chevron: Delivering Clean, Efficient and Reliable Energy

The projects we develop involve a wide array of technologies and applications combining energy efficiency with renewable energy solutions.

In essence, our projects deliver "negawatts"—electricity created by reducing peak demand and using more efficient equipment—and "clean megawatts," electricity from renewable sources such as solar and biomass energy systems. Our projects can also provide energy reliability and security, around the clock.

The solutions we develop are based on our deep knowledge of the market and energy technologies available. Because we're not affiliated with specific equipment companies, we provide unbiased choices and deliver objective, turnkey solutions tailored to meet our customers' needs using the right application of technologies.

The key to our ability to find the right solutions is twofold: It's our people—we're creative problem-solvers, many of whom have decades of experience in the energy services business. And it's our comprehensive approach, which involves looking at our clients' sites and situations holistically, through different lenses—economic and technological.

We are a one-stop energy services provider staffed to provide expertise, experience, personal attention and seamless delivery from project inception to completion. And the benefits of our solutions speak for themselves.

Is our model working? Our customers think so. And so do others who follow the energy industry. It's one reason why Fast Company magazine rated CES one of its Top 50 Most Innovative Companies.

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Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Microsoft: Assess Your Tech

Demystify the process of assessing the technology needs of your business — across productivity and collaboration, mobility and security. The Assess Your Tech e-guide also provides guidance and resources to help you connect with the IT expertise to help you implement new solutions.

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HyperOffice: Total Collaboration from HyperOffice

All the communication and collaboration tools your company needs in a single, seamless, fully integrated cloud suite accessible from any web connected device. HyperOffice tools include:

Business class email with spam and virus control

Document storage and collaboration with version control, search and more.

Advanced project management with task dependencies and Gantt charts

Cutting edge enterprise social networking features – profiles, activity, social messaging

Customizable intranet and extranet landing pages

Shared contacts and calendars

Push email and mobile sync for nearly every device in the market

Form and application builder


Why do I need integrated communication and collaboration suite?

  • Reduce email overload. Stop managing task assignments, discussions, document sharing and schedules through email. Use the right collaboration tool for the right thing.
  • Increase productivity. Save workers the effort of managing multiple interfaces, logins and switching back and forth between applications to get work done.
  • Centralize corporate information. Seamlessly share data between applications, and keep all your corporate data in a single place.
  • Be more secure. Centralize corporate information and reduce security holes.
  • Reduce costs and simplify management. Manage a single vendor relationship. Buy a single solution rather than buying and cobbling together ten applications.

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